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Digital Desk


We thrive on collaboration with like-minded companies, striving to craft quality solutions that centre around the customer and align with overarching business objectives. Armed with decades of experience in major sporting events, including event operations, our wealth of knowledge extends to engaging with fans, teams, sports entities, sponsors, and organising groups.


Our distinctive approach integrates strategy, creativity, and operational expertise to develop and execute plans that drive results. Proficient in planning, initiating, and delivering across key functional areas for major events, we bring a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved.


Through strategic partnerships, we are able to develop and implement personalised journeys for individual fans and customers. By pinpointing key touchpoints, we ensure the delivery of brand recognition, event information and product fulfilment.


Whether you are on the verge of launching a new event or project, seeking advice on digital services, or exploring solutions – big or small – we invite you to contact us today.


We will be happy to schedule a meeting to better understand how we can contribute to and support your objectives.

The Team

Byrones powerhouse team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions for events,

setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

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